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TGP Saw a Record Year, and Keeps Growing!

September 17, 2019

The Grant Plant, Inc. shattered its year-over-year growth in terms of grants applied for and received. In 2018, grant awards written by TGP amounted to more than $29 million. Funding from outside of New Mexico represented 91% of these dollars, bringing much-needed resources to our Philanthropic Divide state. The average grant size for these awards in 2018 was $370,590. TGP’s clients saw a rate of return of $65.40 for every dollar they spent on grant seeking with TGP. Grants applied for in 2018 resulted in a 63% success rate.

This brings TGP’s cumulative funding awarded to $132,468,310 since 2003 and its 16-year success rate stays solid at 56%.

To keep pace with business demand as nonprofits increasingly look for grant writing expertise, TGP is now hiring for a Resource Development Officer (experienced grant professional).

On behalf of TGP, we appreciate our clients who entrust us with their work, our team who works diligently on their behalves, and the creativity and resourcefulness of the tax-exempt sector in New Mexico.


With gratitude,

Tara Gohr, President & CEO

Erin Hielkema, Vice President

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